Plexus conference

Hrvatski dom Split- od 23. do 25. rujna 2022.

A unique international conference for all young biomedical professionals to exchange professional experiences, form collaborations and get inspired by world-renowned speakers on the beautiful Croatian coast. We believe networking is a key aspect of career development. Because of this, the main goal of this unique conference is to connect numerous brilliant individuals from the medical field and STEM areas from across the globe. We want to facilitate the invaluable exchange of experiences among young professionals, promote professional collaborations and inspire attendees with world-renowned speakers such as Nobel laureates.
Also, we want to give you the opportunity to present your work in the form of posters or oral abstracts so that you can connect more easily from peers in your field.
Since we understand how much connecting to peers means for one’s career development, we designed the Plexus program to offer all of this in one place on the gorgeous Croatian coast in late summertime.

22. 9. 2022.

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