Concert Season 2023/2024

New Subscription Packages in the Croatian House Split

Croatian House Split announces its most exciting concert season to date. From a special, completely unique concert subscription, through an innovative and rich program for young people, to more than 60 concerts and events in new cycles.

The program is divided into four cycles and one program for children and young people. Cycle 1,618, the classical music cycle, includes a total of 28 concerts, while the first complete jazz cycle in the Croatian House Split is called ChiaroscuroKontrapost cycle combines world and popular music, while the Center for Traditional Culture has prepared a program for the Ad libitum cycle, i.e. the heritage cycle. A special program for children and young people called Concert Laboratory includes a whole series of interactive performances and concerts, interesting workshops for schools, operas and musical puppet adaptations.


Teserakt op. 23/24 no. (4, 8, 16, 24)

A special feature of this season is the new innovative Teserakt subscription, which, in addition to the cycle subscriptions, gives the subscriber complete freedom in creating their own season. As such, Tesserakt is a new and unique subscription model in Croatia. Subscribers will build their own concert season. They will chooses which concerts to include in their subscription in packages of 4, 8, 16 and 24 concerts, independent of the cycle. A subscription of 8 concerts, for an example, is called Tesserakt op. 23/24 no. 8. The subscription will be open all season round, which makes it possible to buy it as a gift. Surprise your loved ones with creative combinations or choose a series of concerts for yourself!

The Teserakt subscription price is calculated with a 20% discount on the total price of the selected concerts. Teserakt model alows subscribers to include all concerts within the cycles 1.618, Chiaroscuro and Contrapost in the season 23/24 in their subscription, except for concerts that the Croatian House produces in cooperation with music associations.

List of concerts and events is available in the document on the right.


Cycle subscription

Classical op. 23/24 no. 26 – 365 EUR

  • All concerts within the Cycle 1.618

Classical Op. 23/24 no. 16 – 231 EUR

Classical op. 23/24. no. 8 – 123 EUR

Chiaroscuro op. 23/24 no. 8 – 101 EUR

Kontrapost op. 23/24 br. 8 – 114 EUR

*buying a cycle subscription saves 30% on the total price of the included concerts

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